Enterprise Performance Management

We believe that organisations can benefit from integrating objectives, people, processes, data and actions. The EPM solutions provides extension to the BI solutions in any organisation. We use data warehouses to aggregate information from heterogeneous data source and serve as the data source for the BI tools.

While this provides insights to business operations, there is no interaction to drive a desired behaviour in the business. EPM bridges this gap, for example EPM facilitates plan to guide business decisions through an integrated planning system. Not limited to this EPM solutions enables setting strategic initiatives, planning, allocation of accountability and consolidation. It allows for connecting objectives with activities and activities with accountability.

Our Focus


  • Enhance the strategic planning process and communicate priorities to individuals and teams.
  •  Monitor progress with intuitive performance scorecards and benchmark analytics.
  • Foster accountability by linking strategic goals, metrics, and progressto employee actions

Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

  • Make better decisions based on what-if analyses and scenario planning
  • Use collaboration tools to improve accountability and planning accuracy
  • Shrink cycle times, close the books faster, and align your plans with strategic goals

Profitability & Cost

  •  Identify your most profitable customers, channels, and products
  • Run what-if profitability scenarios across multiple dimensions
  • Get a clear picture of your organisation’s cost drivers

Financial Close &

  • Consolidation of complex ownership structure
  • IFRS compliance
  • Shrink cycle times, close the books faster, and align your plans with strategic goals
  • Run on your platform of choice

Reporting & Disclosure

  • Efficiently manage the last mile of finance – and reduce the time and cost spent on regulatory filings and disclosure.
  • Prepare and publish financial statements and XBRL reports.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS, GAAP, and other country-specific accounting standard